Performance Manager

Performance Manager

Modern-day users have huge performance expectations from the applications or software they use. This makes the role of a performance manager critical for every organization into software development. As a Performance Manager, you have to ensure glitch-free user experience, uninterrupted services, resources, and time optimization. The hurried pace at which contemporary software development moves creates various challenges for the Performance Managers.

Benefits of BeatBlip for Performance Managers
  • Helps to create an agile and reliable performance testing process to complement Continuous Development.
  • Simulates tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual users interacting with a network, software, and web applications.
  • Future-proofs your investment and can be scaled to accommodate IoT and other emerging technologies.
  • Enables testing across devices, systems, and APIs and provides a comprehensive and end-to-end report on all functionalities.
  • Accommodates various types of tests, allowing the Performance Managers to pick and choose the one most suited for a situation

As technology advances, the Performance Managers have to work in an increasingly complex IT environment, where software and applications rely on a variety of modules and services which are controlled by different vendors, with independent release cycles, serving a range of user types. Additionally, as a Performance Manager, you need to execute a growing number of tests to ensure continuous delivery.

In this digital era, when businesses across a range of industries and sectors are growing heavily reliant on software and applications to streamline their operations and move ahead with velocity; performance has become a business-critical aspect. And the Performance Managers have to shoulder this responsibility.

Let’s face it: the traditional testing processes cannot deliver solutions expected by the modern-day Performance Managers. They are too time-consuming and resource-intensive and do not match with the continuous testing requirements. Test automation allows Performance Managers to release faster in line with continuous delivery demands while ensuring optimum performance. Thus, test automation delivers the best of both worlds for the Performance Manager.